“Information goes in, decisions come out—and who knows what happens in between?”

Make Better Decisions, Thomas H. Davenport, Harvard Business Review, November 2009

About Us

Founded in 2000, Decisiontek specializes in the design, development, and implementation of actionable research and custom decision support tools.


Our state-of-the art domain expertise, multidisciplinary technical and analytical knowledge, and extensive experience in transportation are the foundation for Decisiontek's precision tools. These tools, which integrate enterprise data resources with analytic models, streamline and enrich productive decision-making in complex transportation environments.


Our staff and consulting associates are skilled economists, software engineers, economic development professionals, and operations management experts. We bring our specialized talents and experience to our research, analysis, client collaboration, and tool development. We have worked with the Federal Railroad Administration, Federal Highway Administration, the Transportation Research Board, and many other clients in the public and private sectors.

Our Philosophy

Assess Risk. Progress with Confidence.

At Decisiontek, we start from a very basic premise – what specific knowledge, which practical applications do our clients need to make informed decisions in and for the real world?

Safety. Efficiency. Reliability.

These aren’t theoretical concerns for today’s transportation industries. They represent the hard, moment-by-moment, critical challenges of moving people and goods for the short and long haul. 

Of course, even in the best of circumstances, it’s impossible to anticipate all possible outcomes. But imagine what you could accomplish if you could anticipate a greater number of outcomes earlier, with greater accuracy, and without unnecessary risk and exposure?

Visualizing outcomes for sound decision making

As the founder of Decisiontek, I made the decision early on that I wanted to do more than just collect transportation data and generate studies that may or may not be read and acted upon. I wanted to create working tools that, based on solid research and client collaboration, would make the data come alive – simulating events and scenarios – to streamline and strengthen the decision making process.

These innovative tools, designed and developed with our multidisciplinary technical and analytical expertise and extensive experience in transportation, are what sets Decisiontek apart. It’s the reason why the Federal Railroad Administration, Federal Highway Administration, Transportation Research Board, and other organizations, have made Decisiontek a trusted research and technology partner.

Contact me directly to learn more about the ways Decisiontek and our decision support, simulation and forecasting technology tools can help your agency or organization make more informed decisions. 


Daniel Brod
Founder and CEO