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Decisiontek Advantage

Decisiontek designs and implements data-driven, decision support solutions that identify and mitigate risk.

  • Best practice technology combined with state-of-the-art domain expertise for informed and confident decisions
  • Custom-designed precision tools integrate enterprise data resources with analytic models that streamline productive decision-making

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General Train Movement Simulator (GTMS)

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GTMS simulates rail operations in support of risk assessments and operational analyses. GTMS features include:

  • A train movement algorithm that calculates time, position, speed and the forces acting on a train.
  • A central dispatcher algorithm that effects deadlock-free operations while prioritizing train movements; makes routing decisions; prevents train deadlock; and effects the safe separation of trains.
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>> Released September 30, 2014:
BNSF San Bernardino Case Study: Positive Train Control Risk Assessment            
FRA Technical Report DOT/FRA/ORD-14/31
BNSF San Bernardino Case Study: Positive Train Control Risk Assessment cover
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>> Released August 2014:
NCFRP Report 27 Web-Based Screening Tool for Shared-Use Rail Corridors            
Thumbnail of NCFRP Report 27 cover
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>> Released September 2013:
NCHRP Report 755 Comprehensive Cost of Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Crashes            
Thumbnail of NCHRP Report 775 cover
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