Research and Solutions for Informed Decisions
Decision-Making Solutions and Tools for Transportation
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Decisiontek Advantage

Decisiontek designs and implements data-driven decision support solutions that identify and mitigate risk.

Analysis and Informed Decision-Making

  • Expertise in transportation research, analysis and tool development supports your project
  • Hands-on, collaborative work approach promotes a shared vision for measuring success
  • Advanced methods and tools simplify risk assessment and enhance effective decision-making

Actionable Research and Applications

Best practice technology combines with subject matter expertise for informed and confident decisions
  • Visualize the full array of options, possible outcomes, and contingencies
  • Deal effectively with imperfect and asymmetric information
  • Track assumptions and scenarios and clearly communicate design rationale

Collaborative Software Tools

Custom-designed tools integrate enterprise data resources with analytic models for robust decision support
  • Simulation platform supporting conventional and rare event simulation with advanced methods
  • Visualization of data and outcomes
  • Score cards and indicator panels with drill down and navigation functionality


Decisiontek designs and implements data-driven decision support solutions.

Custom Tools

Custom-designed precision tools integrate enterprise data resources with analytic models that streamline productive decision-making.

Decision Support Solutions

Best practice technology combined with state-of-the-art domain expertise for informed and confident decisions.

Identify and Mitigate Risk

Anticipate outcomes early and mitigate risk strategically.


Our software solutions support efficient and effective decisions across the transportation industry.


RailEval is a rail corridor planning tool, designed to provide advanced rail system evaluation and planning capabilities. Use RailEval to:

  • Manage, share, and manipulate rail system infrastructure and train service data.
  • Simulate rail system operations and analyze the results of service changes and infrastructure improvements.


GradeDec evaluates the impacts from grade crossing improvements. Use GradeDec to:

  • Analyze risks and tradeoffs of grade crossing improvement projects.
  • Spend investment dollars efficiently, to yield their highest return.


BCA.Net evaluates the benefits and costs of highway projects. BCA.Net allows you to:

  • Forecast the transportation and non-transportation effects of highway investments and maintenance strategies.
  • Estimate the economic value over the useful life of a project.


Our solutions are supported by a strong foundation of research: see our published papers for an in-depth understanding of our methodologies.

New Model for Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Accident Prediction and Severity

BNSF San Bernardino Case Study: Positive Train Control Risk Assessment

NCFRP Report 27: Web-Based Screening Tool for Shared-Use Rail Corridors

NCHRP Report 755: Comprehensive Cost of Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Crashes