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Thursday , February 22 , 2018
Press Room
FRA Derailment Risk Assessment
For the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Decisiontek is developing an extension to the GTMS model for derailment risk assessment. 

BNSF Sub-Optimal Braking Analysis
For BNSF Railway, Decisiontek is developing analyses to estimate the operational impacts of sub-optimal braking in the wake of PTC implementation using its RailEval software. 

Economic Model for Bureau of Ocean Energy Mangement
Decisiontek is currently working with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to update their IMODEL economic model software. IMODEL simulates a series of auctions for outer-continental shelf leases for energy resource development and production. Decisiontek's work is to redesign and implement IMODEL to keep with pace with BOEM's evolving needs. 

Export-Import Bank of the U.S. - Analysis of Structural Oversupply
Decisiontek examined the issue of structural oversupply in the global market for passenger airline services for the Export-Import Bank of the US. This market, and especially the long haul intercontinental segments of the market, relies on widebody aircraft produced by the US-based Boeing and the European Airbus. The general study approach was to characterize conditions of structural oversupply and its consequences (i.e., causes and effects), and to determine whether empirical evidence supported - or negated- a finding of structural oversupply in the global market for air services. 

BNSF San Bernardino Case Study: Positive Train Control Risk Assessment
Just published "BNSF San Bernardino Case Study: Positive Train Control Risk Assessment", The Federal Railroad Administration funded the BNSF San Bernardino Case Study to verify its Generalized Train Movement Simulator (GTMS) risk assessment capabilities on a planned implementation of the I-ETMS PTC system. Decisiontek developed GTMS for FRA, and also conducted the case study.
Download the full report by clicking here.
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NCFRP Report 27 "Web-Based Tool for Shared-Use Rail Corridors"
Published in August 2014, "NCFRP Report 27 Web-Based Tool for Shared-Use Rail Corridors" describes a new tool that supports pre-feasibility screening of new rail services on existing freight or shared-use rail corridors. The report includes the tool methodology development and case studies.
The report is the product of research led by Decisiontek in partnership with Transportation Economics & Management Systems, Inc.
Download the full report by clicking here.
Contact Decisiontek for more information, and to set up a trial account using the web-based tool.
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NCHRP Report 775 Comprehensive Costs...
Recently published "NCHRP Report 775 Comprehensive Costs of Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Crashes" presents a process for estimating the costs of highway-rail grade crossing crashes. Departments of transportation (DOTs) and other public agencies use such estimates in making decisions about investments to install safety devices or reconstruction to provide grade separation of the road and rail line. The report will be helpful to officials of such agencies who must identify and assess the merits of investments proposed to enhance safety at grade crossings.
The report is the product of research led by Decisiontek in partnership with Economic Development Research Group, System Metrics Group and Susan Jones Moses & Associates.
Download the full report by clicking here.
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DecisionTek Approved for GSA Contract Holder Status

DecisionTek was awarded a GSA contract for IT professional services. More>>


BCA.Net Upgrades

Decisiontek is continuing the development of BCA.Net, the Federal Highway Administration's web-based tool for highway project benefit-cost analysis. New enhancements include reporting features, an internal work zone cost calculator and the ability to evaluate projects that create new network routings. New features will become available on an ongoing basis.

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General Train Movement Simulator (GTMS)

For the Federal Railroad Administration, Decisiontek is completing Phase IV development of GTMS with positive train control (PTC) risk assessment capabilities, including case study analyses on the BNSF Mendota and San Bernardino corridors.

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